Monday, December 18, 2017

1935 Arizona Highway Map

ADOT makes available free an official Arizona Highway Department 1935 road map of the state.  The map shows all of the original US numbered highways that were created in 1926.  It's also easy to see the network of numbered Arizona State Routes. It is an invaluable resource for any Arizona history buff.

The map is free and can easily be downloaded as a PDF file.

Since you can't easily make a photo print from a PDF file, we converted the PDF to a JPG file in two sizes, 21 megs and 9.4 megs.  We took the 21 meg to Sam's club and it printed out great in the 12 by 16 inch format for $4.   We presume the 9.4 meg file would work well, too, but haven 't tried it.
We uploaded both files to our US 89 Team Google Drive and shortened the links.  Simply click either link and then download the free map.  The map is public domain and not copyrighted.

Link for the 9.4 meg file:

Link for the 21 meg file:

Here's a look at the level of detail you can expect from this map.  It shows the Prescott-Flagstaff highway back when it was State Route 79 and not US 89A.  (The change to US 89A happened in 1940, 14 years after the main US 89 route through Arizona was designated and numbered.)

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